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Now your reading things that's not there.I didn't blame anything on Bush.You must think that giving companies that sweet deal was wrong. I'm not waiting for anyone to take care of me I been doing fine on my own.I bet you didn't complain about how much the tax cuts added to the debt. Your only complaint may have been that you were only getting a 3% cut.Bush knew he didn't have to worry about raising taxes.You keep saying rich people pay most of the tax so your arguement don't hold much water.I think everyone knows that taxes will rise at some point,but thanks for the warning anyway.Also the poorest Americans,as you call them, that was only paying federal payrole taxes got nothing,so not every single American taxpayer got a tax break.

BTW, I'd rather have 3% of a $1000000.00 than 5% of $10000.00.


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