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you keep laying out facts. The mindless entitlement recipients keep responding with mindless blather.

They can not see that the governments which dispense all their entitlements are running out of money.

The State can not issue tax refund checks on a timely basis.

The Asians are laughing when Hilary or Geitner try to peddle more US debt.

They don't even have the sense to question what happens to their entitlements when the percentage of working taxpayers falls below 50% and government checks start bouncing.

And you're right, they view "W" as the cause of all evil. He wasn't even born; but I am certain in their minds he was responsible for the Great Depression and WWII.

I wonder if they will view the Annointed One with an equally jaundiced eye when the only ones with shelter and food are the ones who can live off the land; grow crops; raise livestock; and patrol their farms with scatter guns to keep the leeches and weasels from getting into the hen house.


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