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Your Math Stinks...

Excuse me... if you need a calculator... I'll wait while you go retrieve it...

This is how it breaks down in "Common Sense" terms...

The money goes to small businesses, workers, and local building supply companies, hotels, restaurants, etc. etc. etc......

Everyone getting money from the production is a taxpayer of NC!!!!!

They buy houses here, the eat here, they do everything every other law biding citizen of any state does.

The honest to god truth is the state is only paying 25% of the taxes they have already paid into the system... let me say it again so you understand... If a 20 million dollar movie comes to town, and there "Tax Bill" is lets say 6 Million well they would get 25% of that 6 million dollars in Taxes back... ie, 1.5 million dollars...

Now I don't want to lose you so keep up... That means the state made, not paid out but made 4.5 Million.

How is this not a good deal?????


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