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Let's clear the air...

So let me explain what is going on here...

A few years ago there were no incentives for filming in any state in the US... Canada wanted to lure more movie production to there major cities so those major, Toronto, Vancouver... they started giving tax incentives... Well Hollywood producers obviously took them up on there offer. Filming in the US outside of LA, NY became almost non-existent. So some states which had seen a lot of film production before Canada's power move started enacting incentives also. It's not like NC wanted this to happen, it was the doing of Canada that started this whole trend...

Now that you have had your history lesson listen up. Almost all of the local film crew members were here before these incentives started to be a factor on where productions shoot there films. They had already bought houses, started small business, paid taxes!!!! Us in the film "Biz" don't even like the incentive idea but it is a necessary evil in order to bring work and jobs here... where we live... Do you honestly think we enjoy going to Raleigh and begging for help... absolutely not!!! The case for eliminating the caps is a solid one. The bigger the film budget, the bigger the taxes paid to the state, and the state gives back 25% of the taxes paid into the system. It's a win-win situation, we keep people employed, and the state brings outside business into the state.

Many of you are on here arguing these facts not because you don't like the incentives. But because you have this stereotypical view of the Film Crew Members. You think we are "Glorified Carnival Workers", and Hippies, and Gypsies, and VooDoo Kings and Queens. When in all honesty we are probably your neighbor, or even in the same social circles. We are everyday people just like yourself trying to make a living doing what we know how to do, and what we love to do. It's all part of the "American Dream" right?? Well if you are a true American, don't blame the people, blame the system. There is a whole lot more wrong with this state than giving a 25% tax rebate to a business that is dumping millions into the local economy don't you think...


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