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Some folks are paying attention

In a poll released last week, our fearless Governor who never saw a trip she would not take -- if it was on the state nickel, was found to be falling even further in the polls.

She's even fallen below 50% with the polled Democrats who helped put her in office.

The results are so dismal, she is projected to be a drag on the Democratic agenda in the Legislature this term.

Hopefully, they have enough sense to realize her spending proposals will lead to an even greater deficit which is currently projected for the next fiscal year at $790,000,000.

What's it going to take in furloughs, pay cuts and benefit cuts to make that up? Not enough there to do that.

Around Charlotte, they're projecting 1,000 jobs cut by the Education Department. That's a lot of jobs. And they'll still be cutting it close to breaking even.

Maybe she'll have to start wacking into the appointees who serve at her pleasure; get six figure salaries; state health benefits; and might work fewer than 10 days per month. There's a frightening thought for some.

And maybe she'll lead by example and forgo salary until the budget is balanced.


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