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McIntyre is a professional politician

I'm shocked that so many people are willing to support this phony just because he made one sensible vote.

Fact of the matter is that the Dems KNEW they had the vote locked in, so Dems (like McIntyre) who were facing re-election this year could vote against it and then jump in front of the nearest news camera and pretend that they give a flip about their constituents.

Mike has done this before. He voted against the TARP bill because it was right before election day. After election day, he voted FOR the equally dangerous "stimulus" bill. Do you notice a pattern yet?

Congress needs a house cleaning. Reps like McIntyre are a dime a dozen. Please don't fall for his tricks. After the election he'll go right back to being one of Nancy Pelosi's lap dogs again.

I predict he passes out a bunch more novelty checks before election day. Just a hunch....


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