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McIntyre has consistently opposed....

...any attempts to undermine the Second Amendment. He has also been extremely supportive on veterans' issues and national defense. Has he ticked me off? Sure! I know of no key issues, however, where he has voted against my interests.

My money will go to support McIntyre and Republicans running against OTHER Democrats in Congress. People like Frank, Hoyer, Dingel...THEY are the enemies of a free America. THEY are the ones who need to be purged.

You may as well accept that McIntyre will be re-elected because he has EARNED re-election....and I'm not so naive as to think he won't vote for Pelosi if the Democrats maintain their control of the House.

That's unfortunate, but considering the (elected office) experience of those challenging him, McIntyre still comes out on top. I heard one of his possible challengers on the radio the other day, going on and on and on about what HE will do when he gets to Washington.

Wake up call, pal. Even if you are lucky enough to make it, as a freshman congressman you'll be lucky if they let you speak.


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