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It is a shame . . .

I bet this isn't the first customer with a service animal this individual has thrown out of his store. People like this don't just wake up one day and decide "I'm not letting dogs in anymore". He's always done this.

It is a shame that this happened to a disabled child but what is even more of a shame is the unknown number of others he has done this to and nobody knows or cares about it because they weren't kids.

To me the real story is him breaking the law and his callous attitude towards someone with a disability. The fact that this time it was a child makes it worse but doesn't negate the potential suffering this person has inflicted on other disabled people.

And the guy referring to the "Yankee idiots" - nice of you to perpetuate a problem. Your reference is completely unfounded and irrational. You have ZERO way of knowing the southern comments were made by Yankees. I was discussing this story with a friend earlier this morning. He made a comment about this being the "old intolerant Southern redneck mentality" - and my friend was born and raised in Southport. I suppose he is a Yankee idiot too?


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