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This is not an injustice.

To state it simply, way to go to everyone who is posting hateful comments... it is a privately owned business. Robert has a right to deny customers. He did NOT deny her because of her handicap, he denied her dog. The outcome would be 100% different if it was simply a guide dog and its master, but we are talking about a guide dog, the child, and the mother. Granted he might not have been 100% correct throwing the party out of his store, one must look at this situation from the other end of the spectrum. Why, if a daughter is with her mother, does the guide dog need to come into a store, and potentially ruin merchandise? I would understand completely if it was a single customer entering the store with a guide dog, but why was it absolutely necessary for the dog to enter if the mother was present? My point is,why wasn't the mother able to take her dog to the car, and walk back inside with the child? the child was born without a dog, and I am sure she would have been fine going approximately 30 minutes without the service animal, UNDER THE CARE OF HER MOTHER.


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