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Glad this occurred before I decided to get my new 200.00 cowboy boots...this ignorant twit will never see any business from me. As a matter of fact...I definitely remember walking in his store one day with horse manure on my cowboy boots and horse hair all over my jeans. Good thing I didn't brush up against any of his clothing or he might have thrown me out!

Perhaps someone needs to go into his store and find out what merchandise he has and send this story to them. I'm SURE the horse industry that normally has dogs all around in their ads and such, will really appreciate their items being sold in this store with this owner's attitude.

Oh...and if you're allergic to dogs, then just make a wide berth around them. Normally people have to have contact with the dog anyway to cause any type of allergic reaction, except for the people where it is "all in their head". Cats are worse to be around if you have allergies anyway...and I can guarantee they've been in your yards and up around your house. I would just about bet that people with allergic reactions to animals don't have horses and don't frequent stores like this.

Yes I'm an animal lover...and if I had my way about it, I'd open a restaurant and let people bring their dogs in there. What's the difference between a well-behaved dog laying down under the table at their master's feet and someone that just left from petting a dog and going to a restaurant to eat without washing their hands or with dog hair all over their clothes?

This ignorant business owner needs to go read up on what he can and CANNOT do according to the laws of the United States...and if he doesn't like it, move out of the country. He can't MAKE his own laws!

I feel sorry for the little disabled girl and her family...what an incredibly uncomfortable situation to be put in. God bless her and her family and may justice be served to this disrespectful jerk! Karma is a B*tch with a capital B!


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