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Stupidity at it's best

Umm.. you realize that we're talking about a WESTERN Store right? How many people walk into a WESTERN Store and don't own an animal. This guy gets people coming into his store to buy things for their animals, or for themselves while they work WITH their animals. More than likely they have some type of animal hair on them. Meaning, it'll fall off when they brush against clothing. So lets say for arguments sake, that this guy (to not discriminate) shouldn't allow anybody in his store that has an animal. Therefore he wouldn't have to worry about animal hair on his clothes. This is pure ignorance at it's best. And the Disability Act will not let him get away with it.

And for the people who think this dog is not a "real" working dog. Just because she's not this little girls eyes doesn't mean she's not there for a reason. She is there to sense when she's about to have a seizure so that her mother can get her help before it's too late. This in my eyes is amazing and one of the most necessary working dogs out there. The training this animal has received to do what it does is far beyond what any human could do for this little girl. There is NO DOUBT that this is truly a working dog. Seeing eye dogs get to rest and sleep when their owners sleep. This dog is ALWAYS on alert for something to go wrong. How would he have felt if they took the dog back to the car and the little girl had a seizure while shopping in the store?


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