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All about the Benjamins

The store owner had a point. If the merchandise is soiled, he can't sell it and make a profit. The really sad thing about this whole ordeal is that puts a magnifying glass on our society as a whole. "Profit before people" should be on our currency rather than "In god we trust". Our government has long supported this mantra by their actions. No healthcare for the poor, tax breaks for the rich, trickle down economics. This store owner was just mimicking what he sees our leaders do, forgo human compassion to turn a buck. What else would you expect from a Capitalistic government? Don't fool yourself with the whole Democracy shindig. We stopped being a democracy loooong ago. If you want to blame someone, blame your congressman/woman, or governor, or your president. From my standpoint the store owner is just a hillbilly who isn't smart enough to see through the capitalism beer goggles he has been forced to wear for his entire life. You can't blame him any more than you can blame a 4 year old for using filthy language, if that's all he's ever heard.


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