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OUR Country

This is OUR Country and WE ALL make the rules. It seems that we elected a responsible group of Americans and they got together and made a law that enables equal rights to every one. To deny this would mean that you could deny rights to whites, blacks, hispanics (the legals), asians, christian, muslim, budhists, jewish, and all the other sorts of people and combinations of characteristics just because you feel like it. That is wrong. We are all equal.

Shame on YOU for saying the isn't doing her job. As a mother, teaching her child how to live in the world and be independent would meet part of that criteria. Is your mother still walking around behind you wiping your sorry @$$. If she is, poor her and she didn't do her job to teach YOU how to be independent. I dont know if you can quite grasp the concept of death, but her mother will not be there for her forever. By teaching the child the reliance of the service dog, she can enable her daughter to live without dependence on another human.


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