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He's not from the South

I would like to clarify that this particular owner is not from the south. He is originally from Connecticut. So I would gladly appreciate if you would not judge us southern folks as all dumb ignorant people. We are not all that way, and for the record his actions have nothing to do with where he is from. What he did was just EVIL and an ass hole of a move. I'm a horse and dog owner, I always have mud,muck,manure on my boots and dog or horse hair on my clothes. It's our way of life we carry it with us everywhere. I'm not from the Wilmington area but I will not be making my way to his store to buy anything for what he did.

And Once again get out of here with this trash talk of the south, I hate you typical yankees and non-southerns assuming that everything that is said on tv shows and movies about the south is actually true, grow up get your head out your ass and take the time to look into people and where they're from. We're a lot better than you think, but obviously you are not you ignorant son-of-a-gun.


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