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Just a moment here...

I am a Wilmington native, and though I have never been in that shop (I'm more of a Brook's Brothers guy) - I know where it is. The actions of this establishment's owner are deplorable, not to mention illegal. This man has proven his relative intelligence by his stubbornness in light of the revelation of his noncompliance with the law, and his genuine lack of concern for public image and customer service.

For better or worse, he will probably loose his business, and I for one will not notice nor care about his passing - aside from a "serves him right" feeling once/if he closes his doors for good. It is also likely he will face some sort of government fine or civil court case that will *hopefully* make an example of him, and highlight this issue so that no one can soon claim ignorance of such laws and their necessity.

I think that my comments reflect the majority of the opinions posted on here.

Now, this is slightly off topic, but the genie is out of the bottle -but I do take issue with "CompanyLawyers" (and several other posters) blanket condemnation of southerners - as though we were all knuckle dragging inbreeders, and that the actions of this man are reflective of "our" collective thinking. I think that to let the actions of one jerk be viewed as a mirror for the rest of a society is rather harsh and just as cruel. The "redneck" southerner remarks and the insinuation that none of "us" can form coherent sentences or thoughts is a bit uncalled for.

Society and the media have definitely boxed us as such, but lets not forget that NC is one of the fastest growing states in the union, has a model higher education system, world class medical and legal schools, and a community college system second to none in the country. Yes, there are people here who conform to stereotypes - but the same can be said for the rest of the country. I don't judge everyone in the north by the kids I see on "Growing up Gotti" or "Jersey Shore." 'Rednecks' exist in every state and region - they just have different accents, manners of dress, and jobs (when they have them).

In any event, I felt the need to write this because I think that by inserting identity politics into such commentary we make our collective arguments and points about as eloquently as the Proprietor of the Western Store when he asked that family to leave. Such drivel is distracting from the main article, and irrelevant to the discussion of what locals should do to constructively express their disappointment with the shop, and how to best show their support for the family in question.


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