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shopper with Service Dog kicked out of store

I was visiting family in your area this past week and saw the story Wway 3 reported concerning a store owner who kicked out a family who were shopping at his store.
I can't believe it, who is this guy? does he know what year it is?
Does he know that the rest of the US knows this code and lives by it? the owner on T.V said "he never hear of such a law ?" has he been in the south to long? Hey ! poke your head out buddy, people in New Hanover County are not that special that they don't have to follow the fed laws .

I'll tell you what, not only will I never shop in his store, nor will the family I visited. Give this guy a FINE! If nothing else, he should get a fine for saying something so stupid!
Amanda- tell Ellie to pee on his leg ! and YES take this guy to court!


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