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Very nice logic. You say

Very nice logic. You say "this is an unfair characterization of the south" and then accuse someone of being "a lib." Your logic is irrational anti-liberal garbage. The other person, however, has a very reasonable set of well-known politics to support the assertion that this shop owner's attitude may have originated in "southern" thought.

In the south, history and politics demonstrate clearly a preference for "states' rights" and for individual freedom to refuse service, ignore such provisions or circumvent them in ways that are technically legal, and use (valid or invalid) interpretations of local or state law to overturn, ignore, or neglect enforcement of such laws.

He is citing his right to refuse service to anyone in order to discriminate. Don't you remember this happening in the south, particularly, and that it was supported by belief in "states' rights" and "freedom" to do such things? Actively ignoring or opposing federal law?

Sounds like precisely the thing "libs" would oppose, but that "tea partiers" and the like would support. The feds, after all, have no right to tell you what to do or who to let shop in your store, right?


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