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Disagree, I disagree with

Disagree, I disagree with the bill because I have a 3 year niece who started preschool August of 2009 and her teacher noticed how intellegent she was the first day of school. Her mother started her with preschool books when she was 2 years old and before she started preschool they had already started her with kindergarten books. Her teacher gave her a preschool book her first day of school, she had a week to complete the assignments in the book but she finished it in 1 day. Then her teacher gave her a kindergarten book to do and she did it within a week. Then she was tested for K4 and she passed with flying colors. By her only being 3 she has to stay in preschool, but her teacher gives her kindergarten work because she finishes her preschool assignments before all the other students. Her teacher says she's finished with her work first and she looks around the class wondering whats taking the other students so long to do there work so the teacher gives her work from the kindergarten class and she seems to do that with ease. My neice is 3 years old and she asks lots of questions, her grandmother asked her why does she ask so many questions and she replied by says "because she's trying to learn" where did she get that from, no one in my family knows. She's very advanced for age, she started talking at 1 years old and her mother began educating her before she entered school. She was able to spell 10 words at 18 months, I was in shock when she did that, they were all three letter words, but I was still impressed. She can read, spell her name, write, add, subtract and she knows her D.O.B, her address and her phone number. If she were every get lost, she could tell a stranger her address to get her home. She reads kindergarten books at home to me everytime I visit. Know is it fair that this very intelligent child be held back because of her age, or should she be advanced to another grade. She gets board very easily and she's always into her books and drawing. Might I add, she draws very good for her age. My job allows people to bring in drawings from their children and they put them in picture frames all over the hospital and her work of art was selected the best in her age group and she signed her first and last name and dated the picture all by herself.


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