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With the girl's mother being

With the girl's mother being with her, I don't see why the dog couldn't stay in the car since they were just going inside a clothing store. If it was an individual that had nobody else with them, then I can see where the service dog would be needed. I don't think the dog is critical for the safety of a 5 year old in a stroller inside a western store.

I used to work in a retail store while in college, and over about 4 years, I remember having to clean up behind these "service" dogs about a half-dozen times because they would urinate or defecate in the middle of the store. Often, the owners would stop to let them finish, then just walk off. It's absolutely disgusting, unsanitary and downright irresponsible.

Now I know that not all service dog owners are like this, but there are some out there. I think this is one of those circumstances where the woman knew that there was a "no pets" policy and is just trying to stir up trouble. While he had no right to kick them out, I can see where he's coming from. I think that most of the people have never had the experience from being cussed out by a customer who stepped in (service) dog crap and being yelled at by a manager, all while having to clean it up.

Again, the owner had no right to kick them out and I'm not trying to defend him, but I'm sure he'll pay dearly for it. Potential loss of freedom, loss of his store, probably a law suit and not to mention all the public ridicule. Everyone seems willing to crucify him, but remember, while you'll be happy to see him go out of business, he'll just collect unemployment, which is your and my tax money.


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