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Kicked Out Service Dog

The store owner broke the law and should be punished with more than 20 days in jail. The law states that service dogs are allowed to be with their owners and there is no age limit for the owner. It does not matter if the mother was with the child. The child has a service dog and it is to be allowed in where the child is. People with allergies can take medicine to help ease their allergies and it is their responsibility to take medicine before going anywhere. This disabled child doesn't have to leave her dog outside any place it is allowed. I'm allergic to wool, but I don't require wool products to be removed from people I am around or stores I visit-I simply stay away from the wool. If you are allergic to a service animal in a store, then simply stay away from it or leave the store. The person with the service animal is worse off than the allergic person. It is the allergic person who should be considerate in this case, not the one with the service animal.


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