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Service Dog

The first video I saw on the AP website showed that the service dog was wearing his/her vest. Mr. Bryant couldn’t have possibly missed seeing that the dog was not a pet, but a working dog. Also in that video he was clearly biased about any dog coming in his store claiming that they would ruin his merchandise. However, in the second video and when confronted with the law (that I believe as a store owner he was fully aware of all along) and a possible lawsuit, he’s claiming that Amanda had on a mask as though that were a reason for his ignorance in the law. Yeah well, Amanda could be covered from head to toe in feathers and that makes no difference in this matter at all. The issue isn’t what Amanda was wearing, but that Mr. Bryant refused her service because of her working dog. The law also states that the disabled do not have to disclose their disability or explain what the working dog does for that disabled person.

We’ve had a service dog in our family for 12 years now and though we’ve never had any problems that weren’t cleared up real quick (I’m not as nice as Amanda’s mother), I’ve always carried cards that you can print out free from the ADA website that spell out the law to rude store owners should they refuse service to my daughter and her working dog.
I hope the mother of sweet Amanda sues the rather rude and dishonest Mr. Bryant for every dime he has.

I encourage everyone to boycott Mr. Bryant’s store.


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