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Just A Suggestion

I just wanted to gently comment on what you said about the "law" where it applies to service dogs. A service dog may legally go anywhere a human being may legally go & it is illegal to deny service to someone or not allow them or their service dog into any establishment!! You need to take a look at the Americans With Disabilities Act!! Obviously, you are not someone who deals with the daily issues, problems, barriers & discrimination that those of us who are disabled face every day of our lives. I became disabled several years ago after a 20+ year career of being a registered nurse. Since then I have been astounded & disgusted at the way people who are physically or mentally challenged are treated! I saw it as a nurse, but you can't understand how it feels until you, as they say, "walk a mile in their shoes." Granted, life is full of "****" that you can't change or control, but some things cannot be allowed to just be blown off. Even though this old man is obviously just plain ignorant, I don't believe him to be unteachable! Want to make a bet that he won't make this same "mistake" again? Especially since his disgusting display of ignorance has now made it to national tv!! This has nothing to do with who is responsible for the child, or W-2 forms!! It has to do with the equal rights of all people to have the same accessibility to all businesses as someone who has no physical challenges!! Also, that dog is trained to detect upcoming seizures so that the appropriate precautions can be taken before the seizure starts. Being without the service dog for a short amount of time could mean the difference between life & death for this precious child. Yes, life is full of obstacles, nasty people, lousy drivers, rude & ignorant people, cheating spouses & lousy politicians, etc., etc., etc....aka life is full of crap, but never miss an opportunity to teach, and never judge until you've walked a mile in the other person's shoes. You never know when it could be you that becomes disabled & becomes reliant on a service animal or other form of assistance!! Oh, by the way, if she decides to sue him, which that decision has not been made, all money will go to charity. This is not about trying to get a chunk of cash, it is about right & wrong, legal & illegal, moral & immoral...end of story!!


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