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I just wanted to tell you that your point is heartfelt and very well thought out. Sometimes in debates emotions overrun logic and sometimes logic is presented without the fire of emotion. I am guilty of being over emotional myself on topics I feel especially passionate about. You have managed to present a point that is both intellectually sound and emotionally felt and it stopped me and made me rethink my own position. I abhor the mentality of a bully and instinctually want to see this man get a dose of his own medicine but I think you are absolutely right when you state"But in the end, you have to accept the fact that there ARE ignorant people in the world. If the mother does indeed bring forth a lawsuit, I feel like she will be wasting time and money on a person who is not going to change, as well as hurting Mr. Bryant's business. If Mr. Bryant's business is going to shut down, then let him do it by his own disillusionment that customers will continue to come to his shop after what happened" It is a sad fact but reality is not always pretty.


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