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Hubris and Catharsis

Hubris: Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance
Catharsis: A purifying or figurative cleansing of the emotions

These two elements are major components of the classic greek tragedy. You should teach your friend about them asap because he's the star of his very own tragedy. The man made a mistake no doubt, and offended the community he wants to pander to. He's exhibited on air a tremendous amount of hubris, and his catharsis rang as false to a vast amount of the viewers.

If he has the kindest, most Christian heart in the whole wide world, I feel bad for Christians. They are represented very poorly. The man is a curmudgeon to the core. Since so many people want to bring Christ into, where is the Christian heart? Job 40:12, Ephesians 4:2, Romans 12:16, Matthew 23:12, Micah 6:8. One could easily go on on shortcomings, but that would be judging wouldn't it. Just as you are judging the judgers.

People aren't basing this off a news story mind you, but the very words out of your friend's mouth. HE has done himself this disservice. No one else. HE is solely responsible for what has happened on every accord.

I won't be shopping at the store anytime soon, but I never would have in the first place. Nothing lost nothing gained.


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