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Service Dog Evicted

Guest 27609,
Were it not for the overzealous, irrational individuals in this world that might would attempt to threaten and harass me, I would indeed reveal my identity. The boat I'm on is called the First Amendment. It is the right to speak my opinion, as you do yours. Forums are for exercising that right. I'm not just a breeder, I'm a mother of 5 boys and an owner of 10 dogs. I take my dogs to many places in Wilmington for socialization and training. I have been training my dogs for service and been rejected entry into businesses. I understand the offense this family felt. The issue that is being overlooked is that not all Service Dogs are necessary in all situations. Only this mother knows if the dog was ESSENTIAL to her child in that store. She listed commands that the dog is trained for, but didn't correlate them to the service he provides for the child.
As I said before, I don't see this man evicting a Seeing-Eye dog leading a blind person. My suspicion without knowing the family is that as much as the dog assists the child at home, the dog is a confidence building, gentle companion that didn't HAVE to accompany them into the store. While that is a wonderful thing for the child, it doesn't make it a necessity that the dog accompany her everywhere. I believe that if our society would fight the necessary battles instead of all battles, the road would be easier for the ones that really need it.
If the boat you're referring to is setting precedence for other service dogs being allowed entry, then my original suggestion of education to the business owner would still be the proper way to go. If he had evicted a seeing-eye dog that would be precedent setting and worthy of severe punishment. Service dog owners should still be responsible enough not to abuse the credentials the dog has earned and respect the fact that not everyone is totally unaffected by the presence of animals and take them only when necessary.
For some people, my youngest son for example, animal dander (cats in his case) can cause a SEVERE asthma attack that requires immediate treatment with a nebulizer. Have you considered that his right to enter that store was violated by the right of a Service dog being allowed entry? Who is more important here? The answer is neither, they are equal. THAT is why you don't take advantage of the privileges of Service Dogs.


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