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He made his bed.

I find it very hard to believe being a business owner that he was not aware of the laws. Also so many want to pass the blame to the mother. The mother CAN NOT detect a seizure coming on where the dog can. I don't recall there being any law restricting service animals depending on the age of the person they are with. If you think about it Mom is probably with her 24/7. So why would there be a need for the service animal for those of you who think it is the mother fault. I don't believe he is sorry. "IF" just says he don't think he did anything wrong, and is just trying to save face. If his business folds it will be completely HIS fault. No one else's. With that face that this is not the FIRST time he has done this. That only tells me he thinks he is above the law. It is about time someone shows him how much he is NOT above the law.


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