Submitted by Meghan Torjussen on Fri, 06/22/2007 - 5:31pm.

WILMINGTON -- Three months ago, a fire destroyed a local auto body shop. Today Autoworks is bigger and better than ever. And it's owners are now being extra careful. Autoworks is up and running. In March a fire burned its market street location to the ground. Autoworks employee Brandon Poirer said, "It was a fire ball the size of a car in that short amount of time." Owner Carl Wilson says the fire destroyed his building and everything in it. But now Autoworks now has a new place to call home, at a new location just down the street from it's old one. Wilson said, "Now we are in a permanent location because we are in a new facility and life is good again." Wilson says the fire was caused by static electric - someone working on a car opened a gas tank, causing a spark. Insurance covered the cost of his business. Wilson says along with new tools and equipment come new precautions. Wilson said, "We use different types of lights now, different types of ground wires, if we do anything to a gas tank we make sure we're grounded first plus you make sure there's not static electricity in the air before you work on gas tanks." Wilson says business has been steady, maybe even better than before. He says it may have been a blessing in disguise because now he has the auto repair shop of his dreams. One of those new precautions includes keeping fire extinguishers within reach. In the old shop they were in the back room -- that is not the case anymore.

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