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$5.7 million budget shortfall

I cannot believe that every time our city/county needs additional revenues the first thing that pops up is "Let's raise taxes".

I'm struggling every single day to keep the doors to my business open. My business if off over 65% from 2 years ago and is projected to stay that way for at least another year. I've got competitors who are offering the same services as me 15 to 20 percent below cost. I don't have a magic area to go get additional revenues.

I've worked for over a year without any salary just to keep my employees working and keep their health insurance intact. I can't go much longer like this and once again our trusted government officials want to drive another nail in my coffin.

Instead of killing the people who are doing things the right way, why don't we get rid of our "good old boy" way of doing things. Why don't we audit the personal property of local businesses. Wake County & Mecklenburg County both conduct these annual audits and collect millions of dollars of additional tax revenues. For some reason, New Hanover County & Wilmington will not conduct these audits. Why not go after the businesses who continually hire all of their workforce and pay them under a 1099 when none of the employees meet the government's criteria for "self employed independent contractors."

There are additional revenue sources available to our city & county that don't involve increasing property tax rates, they just choose to not acknowledge them.


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