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5.7 Million Shortfall-Say no to more taxes.


I agree we have to stop raising taxes every time we need money. Why is that always the answer? I also own a small business and have seen a drop in revenue,therefore a major drop in my salary, so should I just raise the price for all of my other customers? Gosh I wonder what would happen? Maybe I'll just call it a TAX INCREASE. I'm sure that will make it ok.

We are all both personally and professionally having to tighten our belts and make tough cuts in our budgets. I wxpect our government to do the same.

Why as a homeowner do I have to pay more. Am I getting more services than nonhomeowners? Do I somehow magically have more money because I own a home? Where is the logic in any of this?

Homeowners and business are the backbone of the economy and I am getting arthritis. If they keep chipping away the bone, pretty soon we're all going to need major surgery then what? Oh right. We have universal health care now?



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