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Ridiculous Proposals!!! LOL!!!!!

1. Require permits for all the panhandlers and beggars who pose as "street entertainers" to legitimize their ability to roam the streets with their hands out. Say $100 a head. No Permit badge, which they would wear visibly to let everyone know they have the City's seal of approval, straight to jail or the Brunswick County line.---and what badge would you wear?? The rich superficial badge which would be the picture of a donkey
2. Borrow a page from Brunswick County. Rather than penalize and arrest, Legalize "Gentlemen's Clubs". Think of all the fees and taxes which would flow into the City Coffers. Might do wonders for the proposed convention center.----of course a VIP would want that legalized so you wouldnt have to hide and dodge behind fences
3. How about a special City use tax for the public housing residents who drive high end SUVs or luxury automobiles.---how do you know what housing residents drive unless you up in there cruising??
4. How about sentencing the parents, of youthful miscreants hauled into court for being out late at night, school behaviour infractions, or for acts of teen age violence, to community service cleaning up the streets and picking up trash. The City will save some funds which can be earmarked for other uses and there will no doubt be some home based motivational sessions when the parents get home from a week-end of trash in your perfect world you think that parents are to blame for what teenagers do outside of their eyesight..if you are going to bring school infractions into this..lets sentence the teachers too..
5. Cut out support to the Wilmington Movie Commission. That's a Hundred large saved. Clearly the Movie Advocate, who gets paid $120,000 by the Commission, must not be on top of things. Were he, her Highness, and an entourage of 23, would not have traveled to Hollywood to learn the current tax incentives are inadequate. For that matter, there's still no word on whether he was one of the 23. If he was not, that's a clear sign of his performance abilities.----yes lets cut any support to income we have coming in to the counties to create an even bigger debt..

Dont think about running for political office..


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