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a little sacrafice from all for the better good

So tell me, how many of you NO TAX INCREASE supporters have only gottenone raise in the LAST 10 YEARS? I'm going to guess NONE OF YOU. The city has only given itself a "raise", (increased property taxes), one time in the past 10 years, in 2009, and that was only because of the NHC tax man's screw up. So why is it you all expect city leaders to run the city to the quality we have grown accustomed to, with the same funds from 10 years ago? Can any of you live off the money you were making 10 years ago? How many of you would have sat by quietly and worked for the same
company if you had only gotten 1 raise in the past 10 years? I'm guessing no one is that stupid. Yet, all you no tax increase people are asking that of our city government. The only way the city can give itself a raise, is by asking it's employer (the tax payer) to fork up a little more money each month, and considering it's amounts to about $5 a month,
I don't think that is too much to ask, to keep our current standard of life. You make suggestions that government employees should take furlough days and paycuts, and eliminate positions, but how many of you have made that same sacrafice during these tough times. I would have a serious problem with my employer asking me to take unpaid time off, or
a paycut, or to not get a raise for a couple of years. So what does my employer do instead? He raises the prices to the customers for his product. Therefore all of the customers pay a little more with each purchase, to help cover the rising costs, rather then have the company close,
or have to cut back on employees. If this is how it works in the private sector, why do you Government Haters think it should not also work
this way in the public sector. If you all don't want to fork up a couple of dollars each month to help keep the city running to the standard we have grown accustomed to, then I think they should start cutting things
from the budget, non-essential things. Swimming pools, and parks,
and other things that make our lives better, but are not a necessity.


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