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Apprently when you get elected into a public office you instantly become dumber. Right in the midst of a recession the city decides it's a good idea to build this stupid convention center...right there is part of the spending problem. Who the hell is going to use that convention center???

In a city with a horrible drug and crime problem, do you think it's a good idea to lay off police? What will happen when they do and crime really gets out of control? People will whine and cry and blame the police for all the problems.

It really takes a pair to get on tv and talk about how broke the city is when you travel on these retreats and eat at the best restruants on the city's dime.
Why can't you have a retreat right there in the council chambers..why do you need to travel.

Everyone needs to remember that these city employees that they are talking about laying off are people too with families that count on them.


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