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Waste of Public Paid Resources

On 4-8-10 at appx. 2PM while on Shipyard next to Hoggard H.S. there was a big traffic jam. Traffic backed up to College. The reason: 6 New Hanover Sheriff's Deputies on County Harley's, two Wilmington City motorcycle Officers, 6 New Hanover Sheriff's office traffic enforcement cars and 4 city traffic enfocement cars. They escorted a Azalea Festival event for less than 15 cars into the HS parking lot. Do you think any of the traffic Officers stopped to get traffic moving again? Nope. Do you see the need and expense of tax paid Law Enforcement vehicles escorting supposedly dignitaries at our expense. Do you see we who pay their salaries being inconvienced for such silliness? The city can hold their socially sponsored events but not at their citizens expense. Even if the Law Enforcement Oficers are being paid through private funds they are riding in tax paid vehicles, burning tax paid gas and wear and tear on vehicles. I do not support my taxes funding appx. 15 city and county vehicles escorting anyone. That is not the job they are paid for. All it is, is politics to provide security for the rich and socially elite in this county. The poor middle class man cannot even afford to buy anything at the festival. I could care less about attending but for others that is fine. Just do not use our tax strapped money for silliness. When it comes time to vote, I vote no on any tax increase as I see the City and County have plenty of money.


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