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Our Men and Women, Sons, daughters, Nieces, Nephews, Grandsons,

These are the individual's that pay for those planes!! They pay with their lives so people like you can enjoy 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH", because if you were in any other country you more than likey be put to death de-nouncing the military and asking WHY??

You go to work?? Do you go to malls freely?? Do you drive a car?? Do take your family to sporting events? Do you happen to have your office in a Sky Scraper in NY City?

You are the type who wakes up in the morning not thinking about the mother who has not gone to sleep for days, due to her 17 year old or 18 or 26 year old being in a fire fight......She listen's to CNN two day's prior.

She cries in silent looking up to the heavens wondering what her child is thinking; "Is he cold? Or is she? Do they know I LOVE him or her?? Did I tell them how proud I was of them? Did I tell them that I loved them so much?? Praying for a word or a sign...........

I would dig ditches to pay for those men and women who are protecting you and me!!! Any day of the week!! Only for WE AMERICAN'S TO SAY "THANK YOU!!!"!!!!!!!

Did you say that you were an AMERICAN? Please forgive me, I missed that part........

I see what is happening here, and you are at fault here...........You are spoiled and have no pride! Only to make such a comment, tells me you have no backbone.............This Country will be in trouble if we allow voices like your's to be heard............

Heck, I dare say this is poll to see how many
True Blooded American's Are Left Out Here..........So thank you for being played like a fiddle!!! Bravo!


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