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It isn't the 3 or 4 dollars...'s the 25 thousand dollars I paid in taxes last year. Where in the hell did it go?
The presidents entourage every time he makes a trip?

And Missy, don't preach your freedom crap to me. My father was a retired veteran of WWII and Korea and I was one of the first in line to sign up after the 911 attack on this country. Neither he or I have ever asked this government for a dime. So, the next time you want to throw your "freedom" card out there, I recommend that you do it to the media that so flagrantly demeans the actions of our great sevicemen and women that protect that right for you!

My point is that this country absolutey rapes and pillages it's citizens by reaching into their pockets and pulling out what they want with nothing to say about it, but they always have a "budget shortfall" and need more and more and more...never ending. Yet our elderly and our veterans get pushed to the side and forgotten, while we feed, clothe and medicate millions of illegal aliens along with the other lazy do-nothings. Is any of this starting to ring as bell with you?


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