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let's not forget that the

let's not forget that the last 76 year old man they swooped in on like this and sucked up a TON of donation money for while "raiding" (and roughed up his wife) was found NOT GUILTY after they killed all his dogs!!!

you all that are cheering are really the sick f'ers that are wanting to lock up old men for hurting a dog 40 something years ago.

and by the way, all this anonymous collect-a-bunch-of-money tip stuff is un-American and a witch hunt with crackhead losers turning in anything on anyone and the cops claiming that is "probable cause" to fish around on innuendo and suspicion and hope they find something. very mccarthy-esque.

97% of americans eats meat, which is KILLING animals you know right? and yet so many love to get crazed about 'putting people in rings' and 'lock em up who cares about civil rights', advocating doing to people just what they are complaining may have been done to an animal. HYPOCRITES on so many levels.

Leave the old man alone!


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