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Dogfighting arrests

I feel sorry for the dogs that have been barely living, and frequently dying, for decades at Hargrove's whims. Though he is unlikely to serve the time he deserves, it's high time his operation was shut down.

Dogfighting may not seem like a big deal to many people, especially in rural enclaves where folks keep to themselves, distrust the government, and turn a blind eye to crimes against "lesser" animals. It's just a way of life, they say. "It don't hurt nobody."

But it does. I'm not some "doghugger" who cares more about dogs than people. I don't agree with the "guardian" movement, or support PETA. I support dog ownership, and for people to be left alone to live as they choose--as long as they are law-abiding.

Abusing animals in the name of "sport" is not abiding by the law. It is not humane. It is bloodlust, and it is wrong. It inures its perpetrators to the effects of violence. It teaches their children that animals--bred for centuries to live with us--are ours to abuse and dump when they are no longer useful.

In some folks' eyes, it may seem minor, compared to all the troubles in the world today. I'm glad the more enlightened among us do not share that view.


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