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"Suspected dog fighting"

How many of those 400 dogs rescued by the Norred & Associates team have been euphemized? You people write "rescue" when you should be writing "MASS MURDER". Is the public going to be informed of this? The Norred & Associates teams are a lot like Nazi's in my opinion. In fact that's what they should call themselves, Nazi’s and Associates! And what happen to we’re presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty! The man is 76 years old. He fought dogs when? In his youth!?! It was legal at one time, remember? People should really educate themselves prior to believing what is written and what is heard. Do research. This is the extermination of a breed of dog that for some reason is seen as a class of enemies of the United States. I don’t know if this man is innocent or guilty, but “IF” he is innocent then what? He can’t have his dogs back because they’ve been KILLED and he is expected to PAY for the kennel costs to house the dogs that were TAKEN from his property! Not including the attorney and court costs. This American is screwed. He loses either way. If his body isn’t put in prison his heart will be, because I guarantee he loves every one of them dogs and now he’ll NEVER hold them again.


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