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Have you ever noticed that

Have you ever noticed that all WWAY wants to do is stick a camera or microphone in someones face? Stir some Crap and make it stink more? You are more interested in getting a camera to those dogs regardless of what the investigaters tell you so that you can put pictures of some malnurished dogs on TV and tickle the hearts of some bleeding liberals, than you are allowing the investigation to continue. I bet you won't show pictures of the healthy ones. You will just try to frame this man as a man that had all malnurished dogs. WWAY, get a LIFE. That's why I watch WECT 6. You worked hard to push RC Soles out of office and now see how much money we get to this area. It's all about WWAY selling a story. You make sure that you tell that the Sheriff would talk to you...blah-blah-blah He has a job to do and it's not cater to your camera and microphone at your convience. Get a LIFE.


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