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A Crime was committed... Thank you WWAY.

Perhaps you should stop blaming WWAY for finding a story that is extremely pertinent, and thank them for getting a sick individual off the street. The fact that you made this about a news station wanting to get a story and somehow included the word, "liberal", into your post gives you zero credibility. Someone who manipulates and trains an innocent animal or animals to fight and then kills these animals clearly has mental problems and needs serious attention. Not only that, but to be that sick in the mind, studies overwhelmingly show that people who abuse animals more than likely have the same habits demonstrated towards humans; occasionally leading to murder. The fact that you would blame a sick man who tortured and killed dogs on a news station and use a political reference almost makes me wonder if we should not suspect YOU for having something to do with this crime. Hands down, this is not a controversial issue as to if it's right or wrong to kill dogs... it's plain wrong. This has nothing to do with WWAY manipulating a story or have anything to do with being liberal. Either you are a close friend of Mr. Soles, or you also like to abuse animals.... you, my friend, are the sick individual in this story.


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