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@surfcitytom - huh?

This criminal was a recent arrival and was caught him with only 33 dogs. That is definitely too many for a sane 'dog-lover,' but many other dogfighting busts net hundreds of dogs and dog corpses - this guy was just getting started, and they already caught him.

The system actually worked in this case, but you seem like you'd only be satisfied by psychic LEOs arresting this criminal before any crime was committed - the kind of system fascists and dictators dream of.

And as for his purchases and noises, what country do you live in? Are you advocating that the government start monitoring legal purchases and conducting surveillance of private property - effectively presuming that everyone is guilty until proven innocent?

I am thankful you are not a LEO or politician or a person of any authority.

The system isn't perfect, but it works. What you are advocating is much closer to Soviet- or Chinese-style totalitarianism.


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