Submitted by Courtney Brooks on Tue, 04/13/2010 - 2:44pm.

WILMINGTON -- When you turn on your TV tomorrow you may have to change the channel to find what you're looking for. Time Warner Cable is changing its digital line-up. Starting tomorrow channels will be arranged by genre and be the same throughout the state. For HD channels, add a one in front of the regular digital channel number. So if you are used to watching WWAY on digital cable channel 10, we will be on channel 105, and our HD channel will be 1105. RTV will now be on 106. Time Warner says the switch is for its customers. "Especially here in Wilmington it's going to be such a great feature for hotels, anyone that has digital cable, if they have friends visiting for the weekend and they wanna catch that game that baseball game," TWC public affairs manager Andi Curtis said. "Same channel no matter where you are in a Time Warner service area." Curtis says another reason for the switch is to stay ahead of competitors. Time Warner is one of the first cable operators to launch this style of line-up.

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