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THE Dubs

Places like this exist for both straight and gay people in every cluster of civilization on earth... For straight people their relationships are openly accepted so these spots aren't as necessary (but they do still exist). Gay people hide their relationships because some people in some places considered them "crimes against humanity". In Boston, one of the most traveled parks in the city (the Back Bay Fens) is noted for rampant male homosexual activity at night. So much so that outreach groups wonder the park at night handing out condoms and encouraging the men to find some privacy. When a couple does get caught having or soliciting sex in the park, they are usually charged with indecent exposure or prostitution if applicable. Yes I know, in this case he was arrested at 3 pm, and I have never seen anything graphic or obvious in the Back Bay Fens before 11 or so. Should he have been arrested? Most obviously YES... but not for "Crimes against humanity". It seams as though he was trapped by a cop disguised as a male prostitute, I believe that crime is called "soliciting a prostitution". By charging people with these arcane crimes titled to instigate hatred and disgust towards homosexuals, instead of the true crime, society encourages these places to exist.

Ultimately this story is hilarious. If he was straight it would still be hilarious. Wasn't the Elliot Spetzer story hilarious? Maybe UNCW is flummoxed with the head coach search because he was the leading candidate. Oh Well... another day in the existence of North Carolina's least favorite safety school. Seriously, how can UNCW compete athletically or academically without leadership in either rhelm. Leave the CAA, focus on academics, change the schools name, then try at sports again in like 10 or 20 years; cause all you got right now is an open spot if the kids don't get into to UNC, NCSU, UNCC, ECU, App. State, or any private school (if they could afford it).

Sorry, it's true.
-A Northeasterner


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