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First of all, Hugh MacRae

First of all, Hugh MacRae Park does not exist for the reason that you SUGGEST!!! It is a park! It is there for people to play ball, exercise, and picnic - NOT TO LOOK FOR A SEXUAL PARTNER!!!

Secondly, he was not TRAPPED by an undercover police officer. He solicited sexual relations to someone that happened to be there doing his job - so he was arrested! That is not ENTRAPMENT!

Last - I see NOTHING hilarious about this story. Nothing at all!!! Granted, UNCW may have some issues with the athletic department, but the school has come a long way, and maybe you have not experienced how difficult UNCW admissions can be, even with excellent grades and high SAT scores. UNCW is no longer a party school near the beach, but a great school, with many fabulous, desirable programs. It is just as difficult to get into UNCW as the other better schools in the state, and don't compare ECU with UNC or NCSU. ECU is probably one of the easiest schools to get into that you mentioned, but UNCW is no longer a "last resort" college and has not been for some time!

Perhaps you should go back to the "northeast"!


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