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Re: Pender issues with Superintendent Roper

I have watched this play out the last year and it seems to bode ill for the Pender NAACP. I am a minority (Native American), male, Algebra I teacher in Robeson Co. By all published accounts this smacks of a personal vendetta between the head of the NAACP and Mr. Roper. The facts, and I use that term lightly, that have been aired up to this point seem to confirm the old adage "statistics lie and liars use statistics". I do fear that this report will only be a biased,feeble attempt to justify removing a school official rather than without bias. The bigger issue is when personal atagonisms are the motivation for social action rather than social need. As a minority, I deplore desensitizing the public's outrage for moral injustice by instigating petty bickering over a hiring that seems less than racial. Wake up Pender NAACP and chose your battles better or be prepared for the lack of impact your future, more needed pronouncements will find.


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