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It really stinks the kid was

It really stinks the kid was bitten. I cant imagine what he went threw or the worry his mom must feel. However he said himself he walked by the house for the entire school year and the dog never jumped the fence. Why would he continue to take that path to the bus stop? Walk on the otherside of the road.his parent's could have found a safer way for him to commute.If the dog owner had the pet up to date with vaccines and the fence was the reccomended 4 ft then they did everything within reason to keep their animal safe and gaurded just what Vincents parents should have done. Everyone has been 13 and I know children are cruel and ignorant most of the time. No doubt the dog was teased dosent matter if it was a Pit or not. Any dog would react after being prevoked. Just let it be a lesson learned to both parties.........


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