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au contraire

I have a Pitbull. She's more likely to pee on your foot than bite you. She's a perfectly happy dog around cats and children and anyone who doesn't yell at her. They can be whatever they are allowed to be. Just like children... if there is no structure in the kids lives, they act out and do what they want. And a child can do as much damage as a Pitbull, though maybe not in the same manner. If the dog was harmed by the kid, I'd shoot the kid. If the dog bit my kid for no reason, I'd shoot the dog. But I can't believe that the Pit just bit the kid out of randomness. They know who people are, and they can tell when someone poses a threat to them, or has in the past. A lot of people are "experts" about Pits and other big animals when they've never owned one. Maybe it's not always just the child/dogs fault. Discipline the Parents/Owners as well.


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