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A dog life is more important than human life?

I dont know why WWAY continues to do these animal stories..everytime the consensous is in majority for the dog?? The dog bit a hunk of meat out of a 13 year old CHILD!!! You crucified the Western Shop Owner and now you are attacking a child! I dont know any of these people so Im not an aunt, uncle or mother of this boy but I will tell you this, if that was my child that had been injured I would have taken a gun to the dog myself..I dont care if he provoke the dog, the dog itself has anger conditions that will set him apart from regular dogs..Im sure everyone has read or know someone who was attacked by a pit bull..these dogs are very agressive and to have this dog unchained where CHILDREN..and let me emphasized the word again..CHILDREN catch their school bus at..I mean the posters on here actually think the dog was justified in almost killing that people should be put down too if you think that way..Please tell me when it became that a animal that licks his own behind on a daily basis is of higher value than a human!!!


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