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Bombardment of posts from the pit bull brigade

"everytime the consensous is in majority for the dog??"

The reason you always see so many comments in favor of these dogs is that pit bull owners and breeders and rescues (and dog fighters) troll the internet looking for stories like this so that they can all post comments, usually blaming the victim, and defending the dog. They let each other know about these attacks, and they post the same old talking points that they always do. Because they come out in such vast numbers to post, it may seem like they are in the majority, but they are definitely not! In the mean time, the problem with pit bulls is getting worse and worse and worse. They always love to talk about "responsible owners." Well, every legitimate pit bull site I have ever seen says that responsible pit bull owners will always carry a break stick and will know how to use it. There is a good reason for that, and all these pit lovers know it, but they will never admit it. They will never answer the question: "Why is that only pit bulls come with the recommendation to carry a break stick?"


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