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Ignorance is too common

I just want to say that reading all theses ignorant comments sicken me. Pit Bulls can be aggressive but so can any other living thing. They actually passed the temperament test with a higher percentage than other breeds. Personally, I love pits due to their loyalty, protectiveness, and loving character. Of course, if they are raised wrong, some may be dangerous. But that is the same for kids. Out society has ruined any chances for the pit, but ignorant people just make it worse. I am sorry about what happened to Vincent but i dont think the dog should be put down. And if my dog attacked somebody, i KNOW it was because he was provoked, in which case i probably wouldnt take much action. And i dare somebody to try to kill my dog because they would be the next dead thing around. If people would actually do research about pits and understand them maybe half of this wouldnt happen. Oh yea, raising your kids with respect and intelligence helps alot to. Parents, have you ever wondered why your kids get in trouble, or get attacked, or get in fights alot, or attempt to torture animals? In that case i blame the irresponsible parents. Everybody is quick to jump to conclusions and talk about so called facts, when half of those facts arent even true. And the comments about being mental because we treat our animals as family is one of the most ingorant of them all. I treat mine as family. I would much rather have them in my family than any of the people that have posted stupid comments on here. So call me mental or whatever but i know how much more intelligent i am compared to half of yall. Have a wonderful day.


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